Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Resistant Culture is an alchemical blend of extreme metal and punk that infuses folk elements including flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chants. Their roots go deep into the soil of grindcore and crust punk. They feature two members of Terrorizer, vocalist Anthony “Wolf” and guitarist Katina Culture who joined in 2008 for the “Hordes of Zombies” release. Resistant Culture’s album “Welcome to Reality” featured the late Jesse Pintado (RIP) of Napalm Death/Terrorizer on rhythm guitar.

Resistant Culture is back in the studio finishing a full length album entitled “Shamanic Healing” which combines sounds of modern brutality with the philosophy of ancient mysticism. They have acquired the mixing and mastering services of Dan Swano at Unisound Studio.

In fall 2017 they’ll be touring the U.S. west/east coasts and midwest with the legendary U.K. anarcho-punk band The Varukers. Tour dates and cities coming soon!