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LA’s Legendary Native American crust punk warriors, Resistant Culture were kind enough to get together to answer a slew of in-depth questions for Blow The Scene readers around the world. Having formed in the mid 80s under the name Resistant Militia, the band combines elements of tribal music, including indigenous flutes and chants, melding them with a brutal, grind-influenced, d-beat and crust foundation. Having seen a laundry list of musicians come and go, founding member Anthony Rezhawk, has remained steady at the helm.

OC Weekly Dream Team benefit article

The DREAM Act is back in the news and a show this Friday in Fullerton featuring Resistant Culture will benefit the local efforts of the Orange County Dream Team. The federal legislation providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrant youth who attend college or enlist in the military was reintroduced in Congress yesterday but with grimmer prospects for passing than when it was defeated last year.

Resistant Culture Sacred Fire US Tour 2010

Friday Oct 1st
Portland, OR

We arrived in Portland the day before the show and hung out with an old friend who took us to Multnomah Falls. It's a 620 foot drop waterfall overlooking the Columbia River. After some photo ops we took a hike up the trail and deeply enjoyed not only the breath-taking visuals but the breath-cleaning air. As most of us are L.A. residents, the breaths of fresh air were quite revitalizing.



How did you come up with the name Resistant Culture?

> Our band is rooted in the spirit of indigenous resistance, any personwho as come from a culture that has been colonized by civilization canunderstand that just to survive as a culture is a deep form ofresistance.>

Tell us about the band? line up?short biography.

> Kat guits Rez vox Rafa bass Ben drums our bio you can find here, feel free to excerpt whatever you want. >

Musical influences?

Politics and Ethics, Grindcore Special Part 1

Excerpted from Terrorizer Magazine # 180 in the Politics and Ethics section of the Grindcore Special Part 1


Rezhawk agrees its significance is paramount, but sees hope in the future, predicting a resurgence of socially conscious extreme music.

"With the state of the world today in greater crisis than ever, being 'politically-mind' is becoming the norm. In the world of metal and grindcore it's become marginalized, but that's changing rapidly even as you publish this.


Hello there
Thanks for the record you sent me, review is soon out. Is there any chance for me to get a t-shirt(Size XL) from you so I can do some advertisement for you here in Sweden. Is it also possible to get hold and do reviews on your other stuff. The record you sent me now was All One Struggle.. Now I have sent an interview to you also and I hope you will answer that.
Greetings from

Peter Thorsson
Sandbäcksgatan 18
43133 Mölndal


Rock Vault Webzine

Hi from Istanbul, Turkey to Long Beach, California! We hope you're okay. What Resistant Culture is doing now?

Right now we’ve just returned from a tour of the East Coast/Midwest United States and getting ready for a West Coast tour. We’re also finishing our new album “All One Struggle”.

Profane Existence #55

1. Who is in Resistant Culture and what instruments do you play? How long has the band been around and has this always been the lineup?

Anthony –Vocals, chants, flutes, gourds
Katina - Guitar, vocals
Rafa - Bass, vocals
Ben - Drums

Resistant Culture is the current incarnation in a legacy of an idea that started in the late 1980s. Originally called Resistant Militia, over the years the band has metamorphisized and grown in depth in all directions musical, lyrical, philosophical, etc.