the seeds of resistance
Sprout under cities
suffocating structures
cracked and emptied

beneath the concrete
the green future lies
soon will be a world
where only tree tops
scrape the skies

vine covered statues
Monuments torn apart
roots in toxic soil
life reclaims the land

the seeds of resistance
Sprout under cities
suffocating structures
cracked and emptied


a twisted lie
to conquer and control
took away
the natural right
repressed and shamed
burned at the stake

in ego the male is lost
primal balance is the cost
banish to domestic sphere
while he builds cultures
based on fear.

magic to science
love to hate
Desecrated bodies
desserts of rape

for thousands of years
spreading blood and tears
fertility controled
Suffering untold
sterilized minds
patriarchal paradigm

Life givers life givers
reverence and respect!
Life givers life givers
reverence and respect!


laboratory experiments
in the name of science
chemical medicines
driving out the spirit

the animal nations
our natural allies
partners in healing
the old and the wise

they say their screams
are like broken machines
torture out the secrets
of the natural world

the paw and fist
together as one
seeking our nature
finding our way home


I see the horizon ahead
the rivers running red
tortured the innocent
exploiting all life

the injury to one
Is an injury to all
no more separatism
all one struggle!

across space and time
spans all their crimes
for liberation and peace
let's get off our knees


Join the circle
hopes and dreams
our alternative
of balance and peace
sharing the laughter
sharing the pain
sharing the labor
sharing song and dance

visions of community

through the stormy winter
together we’ll survive

join the circle
hopes and dreams
our alternative
of balance and peace
sharing the laughter
sharing the pain
sharing the labor
sharing song and dance


little one
runing away again
little one
lost in the night
conflict everywhere
drives you away
cant’ breathe
without a fight

it’s not my fault
you hate your life
don’t blame me
don’t ruin mime
give me a chance
let me try

little one
runing away again
little one
lost in the night
cycle of abuse
decends throught time
brake the chain
expose the lies


the elder's wisdom
has been shared
with humanity
but no one cares
we're told we make
a sacred circle
bound together
the children of earth

all four directions
all walks of life
all tribal nations
and civilizations
the circle was broken
with illusions and lies
the global family
cut with a knife


flesh and bones
Fertilize the land
never ending process
recycling all life
Animal to soil
soil to stone
the power of nature
can't be controlled

natural law

no judge no jury
no discrimination
no juristicsion
no corruption
everyday your closer
to your grave
You live you die
enjoy today


surviving in darkness
from manifest destiny
indigenous tribes
driven to the night
nocturnal allies
taught us to survive
protecting us
from the enemy
our ears and our eyes

surviving in darkness
advancing in the night
riding in the shadows
through ancestral lands
silently descending
into rivers and caves
running with coyotes
beneath the mon lit sky

(civilization ahead)

civilization ahead
the sky is black
the trees are dead
no stars in sight
pollution reigns
farms enslaving life
factories grinding
the dead

devastation of nature
progress for civilization
empires of exploitation
monuments of slavery

civilization ahead
artificial wasteland
synthetic identity
fences and walls
caging us all
order imposed on chaos
disorder the result


shackled to concrete
enslaved to the grind
cut off from the source
where eagles don’t fly
Trapped in a world
that only sees the self
away from the whole
alone in time

reach behind
reach ahead
connect to the legacy
get out of your head

generations lost
a circle beyond time


life is hard
life is pain
live to fight
another day

life is hard
life is pain
losses often
more than gains

lessons learned
the hardway,
never forget!
your failure
is your success,
if you grow from it!


new challenges await us
it's time to stand your ground
prepare for tomorrow
the unknown is your fate

it's time to heal
eons of pain
no more denial
our future re-claimed

born in the wild
and enslaved as a child
reprogramed the mind
but the spirit never dies

it's time to heal
eons of pain
no more denial
our future re-claimed

braking the chains of illusions
finding your power within
sever your self
from your hatred
rise above despair


genes modified
terminator seeds
harvesting their greed

poinsoned by the well
where all the cattle fell
landscapes of flesh
rotting to death

What nature freely gave
has been stolen and slaved
sold as toxic gruel
not sacred just fuel

dependence on their system
keeps us helpless victims
plant beneath your feet
the earth will always feed

contaminated minds
injesting our fate
forced fed the lies
sick untill we die


The dawn
of a new sun
a new era
is approaching

the stars
align with the moon
cold and blue nights

born awake
to change the future
of reality

share your stories
so the people can live forever



Hang on to nothing
Don’t live in fear
The backwards disorder
Wipe the slate clear
The shades have been lifted
The king has no throne
We must come together
Or die all alone!

Our fragile minds
Need knowledge of
Ancient times
Questions, lessons and answers
From generations past

The blanket of culture is gone
Cold and scared, we can’t get along
Tired, confused and insane
Turn to each other for someone to blame

Turn it all over
And bury the dead
Kill this illusion
That lives in the head
The seeds have been planted
The crops will grow
We must come together
Or die all alone!


Lakes on fire
Soil cracked and dry
The earth is bleeding
Black rain from the sky

This is ecocide

Toxic disorder
Man made despair
Planetary meltdown
Cancer everywhere

I don’t want to live in your synthetic reality
A future without nature is tearing down our dreams

Clear-cut the heart
Strip-mine the soul
Nature for profit
It’s all out of control

This is ecocide
Earth and water
Fire and sky
Not to be altered
Or nothing will survive


It’s not too late to use your brain
It’s not too late
It’s not too late to make your choice
It’s not too late
It’s not too late to change yourself
It’s not too late
It’s not too late to change the world
It’s not late

We’re the past, we’re the future
We’re your nightmare in my dream
Your heroes are my enemies
Your philosophy wants us dead!


History repeats itself again and again
You gave me one but then you took away ten
I don’t need your misery
I don’t need your misery
I don’t need your misery no more!
We don’t need your misery!


Joining the struggle
A spiritual realm
Force towards balance
Innate in all life.

A timeless process
We’re just one branch
We carry the embers
Of fires from the past


It’s not just the system
Or just a machine
It’s a sentient predator
It’s alive and it feeds

It’s not of the wild
Domesticated child
Spawn of corruption
10,000 year disease
It’s got many faces
But its heart is ego
And greed
The rest of its cells
Are our minds and machines


Ask no questions
Ask not why
Don’t dare to open your eyes
Follow the leader
Follow him blind
Go get your money
He’ll give you a ride

Shattered faith
No religion
Follow no man
To his promise land


How can we unravel
The selfishness of man
Hostile to nature
The land will be dead
Never thinking of tomorrow
Exploiting the human race

Victims of a bloody system

They say we are the enemy
They say the enemy is here
Just because we think for ourselves
It makes us a threat to their health


Black hole of corruption
A virus pulling down
Beneath the seventh circle
Self-righteous will drown

Contradictions all unravel
Night becomes the day
Consciousness expanding outward
Injustice blown away.

Cattle, sheep, fear, domination, pain!!


Civilized aggression
What is that?
Civilized aggression
In the name of god
Civilized aggression
Salute the flag
Civilized aggression
They’ll rob you blind

There must be another way!!


There comes the wave
Breaking down the structure
There comes the wave
On a rainy day
There comes the wave
A natural disaster
There comes the wave
No time to waste

Make a cave up in the mountain
Find a safety zone
It’s time to survive on your own
Back to sticks and stones


Lied to, threatened, cheated and deceived
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
Lead through garden paths into blind alleys
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing

LAND KEEPER (instrumental)